October 22, 2017

Cream of Rice: Homemade Rice Pudding


Rice is one of my  weekly “go to” staple items.  Whenever my rice cooker steams, you can bet I’ve doubled the amount needed for my recipe, with the sole purpose of having extra rice to freeze for later meals. Typically, I use it to throw in stir fries or casseroles, but lately, I have been enjoying a hot breakfast in the morning with left over rice.

Does it sound odd? It shouldn’t. I grew up on oatmeal and Cream of Wheat, so why not this?

Easy Homemade “Cream of Rice” Recipe.

In literally one minute, I can whip up a healthy, frugal,  and filling breakfast, by adding milk/cream, raisins (optional), cinnamon and sugar to my leftover rice. Warm over the stove and serve.

Depending on how healthy and/or or fat free one desires to keep this breakfast, you can choose honey and skim milk, as opposed to sugar and cream. Add fruit for a yummy change, just like with my Simple Oatmeal recipe.

cream of rice

Easy Homemade Rice Pudding

To create a sweet easy homemade rice pudding type of dessert, add equal parts milk and rice ( 3 cups each), then add 1/2 cup of sweetened condensed milk. The sweetened condensed milk replaces the sugar in the above cream of rice , but still add cinnamon to taste. To make it extra special, replace the white milk with chocolate milk for a chocolate rice pudding recipe, and your family will be asking for it every day.

(Now to be completely honest, my family would LOVE the chocolate rice pudding, but my husband and one son do not think I should serve rice for breakfast. The other kids love it, but I serve it once he leaves for the office. :))


  1. I heard of this a few years ago, and eat it now when I have left over rice. It’s yummy!


  2. Better to use brown rice so there is some actual nutritional value to it! Yum.


  3. Looks very tasty and really easy! I like the idea of using the sweetened condensed milk instead of sugar. Will definitely give this a go! Thanks for sharing!


  4. Rice is always a favorite in my family….add some flare and we go overboard with it. Gonna try your recipe too.


  5. Growing up my mom and grandmother always made rice cream. It was a Norwegian specialty that we loved. Thanks for your recipe.


  6. How cool! My kiddos just ate rice pudding for breakfast this morning. Quirky eh?


  7. I had forgotten how wonderful this dish is. My father grew up eating rice pudding and egg custard and loves both. When I married my husband I had never heard of anyone eating rice for breakfast. I too grew up eating cream of wheat, oatmeal and grits for breakfast. My husband’s family ate sticky rice for breakfast served with white sugar which is how they served it at my elementary school . I thought it was odd but grew to really like it. I still don’t eat mine with sugar, but with butter. This looks delicious and I will have to try it!


  8. I have done this in the past but had forgotten about it. Thanks for the reminder. This will be breakfast tomorrow.


  9. AND it’s gluten-free! (in case that is ever a concern) 🙂


    Lynn Reply:

    @Erin, I love rice puddings because they are naturally gluten free.


  10. I wish Alex and Soph would eat rice pudding–I love it, but if I make it, I have to eat it all (as tragic as that is ;D)…


  11. We call this “Sweet Rice & Cinnamon” around here! Yum!


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