February 8, 2016

Chocolate Covered Blueberries: Healthy Treat


So easy and delicious - Chocolate Covered Blueberries

As I look at the NC temps, summer is upon us and that means pool, shorts and tank tops  are calling. Unfortunately, I let my love of all things carbs, sugar and calories have their way with me over the past six months and a lot of my hard weight loss work from last year went out the window. It’s ok, it was my choice each and every bite, but now I need to discipline myself again.

With this hot weather comes all the bounty of the farmer’s market and beautiful garden produce at rock bottom prices.

I love taking advantage of that, so always stock up, flash freeze and prepare a lot of fruit for my freezer. It makes year round smoothies a breeze and picking and freezing blueberries is a family tradition. 

I have a sweet tooth though, so before I start my no carb detox, I need some tricks up my sleeve. For a guiltless healthy treat, have you tried frozen blueberries and grapes? I just love popping them in my mouth when I have a sweet craving. but sometimes I take it up a notch by dipping them in chocolate. I first did this back in college with frozen bananas, but now, Chocolate Covered Blueberries are a favorite.

They are low fat, easy to make and curb the biggest sweet tooth.

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  1. Just want to confirm, the blueberries should be frozen before dipping? It doesn’t specify in the recipe. This looks easy and (as with any chocolate) very yummy.


    Jen Reply:

    No, sorry, use fresh. They are not frozen before dipping. I just like to stick them in the freezer after, but that is not required. I’ll go edit it so that it’s more clear.


  2. Chocolate and fruit are such a great combo! I’m wondering if I can use froze blueberries for this, as that is what I have on hand at the moment. Thanks for this recipe! Easy, healthy, and beautiful!


    Jen Reply:

    I bet you could. The melted chocolate may defrost them a bit, but I bet they’d be yummy. Let me know how they turn out. :)


  3. Kimberly says:

    Mine didn’t turn out looking nearly as pretty (quite the opposite actually), but they sure taste delicious! Thanks!


    Jen Reply:

    I think the pretty part is a learned art, but so glad they were delicious. That’s what counts. Did you try putting them right in the freezer? Maybe that might help.


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