November 24, 2017

Reindeer Reigns – Show and Tell Friday


Does Show and Tell bring back fun, fond memories of childhood days gone by?Well, I am joining in this Friday’s Show and Tell, during the midst of procrastinating, I mean packing, to honor my sister in law who passed away […]

Multi tasking Mama… after


For those of you who commented on my Multi Tasking Mama post, you requested a before/after shot of both the hair and the spray paint reveal. Well, this will be a completely superficial post since I just got back from […]

It’s a Frugal Fringe Fest


Many of you who follow my blog know that one of the things I passionately pursue is “debt free living where the ‘card’ is king” (credit card that is). But what you might not know is that I yard sale…. […]

Easy Mantel Decorations with Glassware – DIY


As I have shared unabashedly, I am a crafter copycat. That’s right, this blog world here has made me into a complete thief, and am I proud of it. Yet, I still do have those moments where the creative juices […]

Fun Thrifty Finds and a Thank You


(edited to include: Since I already have this post up,I am adding it to Show and Tell Friday…fun, fun) Earlier this month, one of my favorite new blogging friends,Shannon at Bless Our Nest, passed on this sweet award. She considered […]

P.O.O.P.I.E.S. beware


It had been a long, but glorious day. I spent time with a family that was sure to hold a special place in my heart for many years to come. The kids played while we laughed, and dined, and I […]

Please help the "mistreated"….


Oh, I have missed my time here.I know that the first sign of addiction is denial,so I won’t deny it….cold turkey from you all was hard…bedlam, I tell you, sheer bedlam.So hard that I didn’t quite make it, ok…I’ll be […]



One of my most favorite things in the whole world are “thrifty finds,” so when Rhoda at Southern Hospitality announced a Yard Sale party, I was all over it (a day late…oops).She said to pick your favorite thrifty find.Considering that […]

Mom of 10′s “so easy” cabinet redo


Yes, I knew the “Mom of 10” would lure you in. My poor ‘sister in love’, I am using the fruit of her sweet loins as a marketing tool. Some of you have emailed with questions about our happy, but […]

SSSOOOO EASY, and cute ta boot!


“MMOOOOOMMMMM, I want to do that! Mom, can I please paint….Mom, it’s my turn now.” I am going to make a sweeping statement and assume that my household is not the only home where these words ring true. Just when […]

New Goodwill Store – Does my heart good…..


I was in shopping heaven yesterday, and felt so wonderfully pampered. Where else but the best of the best would offer free door to door shuttle service which aims to please? A warm kind hearted sheriff that directs traffic and… […]

Comforting Corners and Controlled Chaos…


Since you all know that I am new to the blogging world, I have been trying to find “my niche.” What is it that I want to convey with the few moments that I have to spend?As my desire for […]