October 18, 2017

Multi tasking Mama… after


For those of you who commented on my Multi Tasking Mama post, you requested a before/after shot of both the hair and the spray paint reveal. Well, this will be a completely superficial post since I just got back from […]

It’s a Frugal Fringe Fest


Many of you who follow my blog know that one of the things I passionately pursue is “debt free living where the ‘card’ is king” (credit card that is). But what you might not know is that I yard sale…. […]

Easy Mantel Decorations with Glassware – DIY


As I have shared unabashedly, I am a crafter copycat. That’s right, this blog world here has made me into a complete thief, and am I proud of it. Yet, I still do have those moments where the creative juices […]

P.O.O.P.I.E.S. beware


It had been a long, but glorious day. I spent time with a family that was sure to hold a special place in my heart for many years to come. The kids played while we laughed, and dined, and I […]

Please help the "mistreated"….


Oh, I have missed my time here.I know that the first sign of addiction is denial,so I won’t deny it….cold turkey from you all was hard…bedlam, I tell you, sheer bedlam.So hard that I didn’t quite make it, ok…I’ll be […]

Mom of 10′s “so easy” cabinet redo


Yes, I knew the “Mom of 10” would lure you in. My poor ‘sister in love’, I am using the fruit of her sweet loins as a marketing tool. Some of you have emailed with questions about our happy, but […]

SSSOOOO EASY, and cute ta boot!


“MMOOOOOMMMMM, I want to do that! Mom, can I please paint….Mom, it’s my turn now.” I am going to make a sweeping statement and assume that my household is not the only home where these words ring true. Just when […]

Comforting Corners and Controlled Chaos…


Since you all know that I am new to the blogging world, I have been trying to find “my niche.” What is it that I want to convey with the few moments that I have to spend?As my desire for […]