October 23, 2017

It’s savings time…again!


Yep, you’ve asked that I give you a heads up when those rock ’em, sock ’em, kick them out of the park kind of savings come around, and it’s here…again. You would have laughed at my friend and me, sitting […]

The clock was ticking…


… there were only moments to spare, and my family was depending on me for the basic necessities of survival, but …I DIDN’T WANT TO GO!!!I didn’t want to leave my comfy, cozy home – even for double coupons up […]

Attention – Free items at Kmart!


This is for all my couponing friends that visit here, or wanna be coupon friends. Get that coupon binder out, and head on over to your local Kmart.And just so you know…I have updated my binder…it is styling now. 🙂 […]

Free COLDSTONE Creamery/more coupons!


Thank you all so much for all the comment love asyesterday’s featured blogger from Blogging Around the World.“Balancing it all” is such a deliberate and intentional challenge that sharing the joys and pitfalls has made my adventure that much more […]

CVS couponing…shop for free (almost)


I have had so many questions about my last posts on how to benefit from the CVS system. Unfortunately, I don’t have the time to attack this tutorial in written form, so my sons gave me a great idea – […]

Grocery Grumps – I


Many of you have been waiting for this follow up post. This is a long one, so just pretend it’s two separate posts, and then I won’t feel guilty for my long windedness. It’s like your back in school….for home […]

Grocery Guru saves $125


Do you ever come home from the grocery store and glare at the receipt? Then spy suspiciously at the amount of groceries you have acquired and think…that is all I got? Surely not! Groceries are listed in the top 5 […]

The Balancing Beautician…a big reveal!


By taking the title of both barber and beautician, we have saved $1000s in our desire for debt free living. Yes, mishaps happen, but that is why I started when my boys were 2, and they had no concerns. Now, […]