November 21, 2017

Tasty Tuesday: I Would Love to Know…


As I set long term goals for my writing, I would love to know some of your interests in the realm of “food stuff.” (How’s that for professional terminology?) For instance, if you could read a few food subjects over […]

Another Side of Food…


As part of writing for Unilever’s Family Dish website, I spent time in their test Kitchen this week cooking and learning. It opened my eyes to completely different aspects of food from a company standpoint. I heard the heart and […]

Tasty Tuesday Parade of Food


There’s just something about spending a weekend not having to cook, combined with the fellowship of dynamic women, that makes me really, really happy. (thanks to Emily and her fantastic photographic skills) I admit, every once in awhile having other […]

Deciding On a Set of Cookware to Purchase


There are many things I am, but one thing I am not is an impulse buyer, especially when it means making decisions about things I deem “investment” type purchases. For two months now, I have been researching cookware. I know, […]

What Do You Do With All Your Fruit?


It’s the most wonderful time of the year…well, maybe not. With our unseasonably high humidity and temps in the 90’s, the thought of needing a sweatshirt with a pair of shorts during some crisp autumn air days, nearly makes me […]

Tasty Tuesday Parade of Foods


This is a very atypical week around Balancing Beauty and Bedlam because it’s my Huge Back to School Giveaway Bash.  So, the highlight of this post is solely going to be YOU (and your amazing recipes)!!! I’ve been cooking up […]

What Would You Pick to Stockpile?


As I wrote my Stockpiling Groceries 101 post yesterday, I shared how there are numerous items that I stock up on throughout the year. I’ve been thinking a lot about the many benefits of stockpiling and preparedness, besides the obvious […]

What is the Weirdest Food You’ve Ever Eaten?


By the time I got married, I had traveled to over twenty five different countries; half of those trips being third world type of experiences. Ah, the years of being an adventurous world traveler with story after story to share […]

Juicing for the Average Person


My knowledge of all things healthy eating are vast. My execution of preparing and eating all those things healthy is often limited. Our family joke to this day is that we grew up eating “sticks, twigs and roots.” If it […]

How is Your Garden Growing?


One of my goals this year is to be a bit more self sustaining. I love the concept of it, but somehow the reality of it isn’t syncing up with my dream of “Little House on the Prairie” living. For […]

What Would You Feed a Large Group?


Twenty wonderful people are spread out all over our home right now. We are hosting my husband’s side of the family for a rather spontaneous family reunion. Within two weeks, decisions were made by families from Wisconsin, Minnesota and Colorado  […]

Magic Bullet Snack Recipe Ideas


Ideas from my Magic Bullet Recipes Contest scaled over 130 strong, and I invite you to read through the comments if you need some great snack ideas this summer. There were some of you who added quite a few recipe […]

Tasty Tuesday Parade of Foods


I’ve been having so much fun being inspired by all the wonderful ideas on what you all love to grill from yesterday’s GIRLS GRILL TOO Weber grill giveaway post, that I thought I would continue on with that theme. (That […]

Breakfast in Bed…take two for Tasty Tuesday


A few weeks ago I shared about our special family tradition of serving breakfast in bed. I encouraged you to take the time to be intentional with your family by sharing creative ways of saying, “I Love You” …just because. […]

Magic Bullet Recipes, Magic Bullet Recipe Ideas


If you don’t have a Magic Bullet, try my DIY trick. If you’ve come here looking for great Magic Bullet Recipes, scroll to the very bottom of the posts where the comments are located. 100 people have added some amazing […]