March 27, 2014

To Every Mom Who Makes a School Lunch

The Importance of Making School Lunches

Every morning, I drag myself down the stairs, grind the coffee beans and wait for that first drip to percolate. Early morning hours and I aren’t always on the best of terms,  so there’s something about making  that school lunch […]

One Dish, Mock Chicken Pot Pie

So creamy and delicious Mock Chicken Pot Pie

It’s always fun trying to recreate our good ‘ole favorite comfort foods with a slight twist. There’s just something about these meals that just make me want to hunker down and stay at home. Our family loves every variation of […]

Easy Breakfast Skillet (Freezer Ready for Rushed Mornings)

Freezer Meal Breakfast Skillet

As our children woke to the delicious aroma of a hot, home cooked breakfast, they stumbled down the stairs to their choice of eggs, sausage, hash browns, french toast and fruit salad. As the candles flicker, their sweet spirits slowly […]

Fun Kid Dinner Ideas: Eat UNDER the Table, Dessert for Dinner!

Try These Fun Family Dinner Ideas

And all the mommas of the world, shouted, “AMEN!” Honestly, how does the turn around happen so quickly? I JUST made them dinner! Let’s make a pledge. Commit to giving ourselves some slack in this department because it can be […]

Top 10 Table Manners Every Kid Should Know

Top 10 Table Manners for Kids

I had the privilege of meeting Kristy this summer and share her sweet heart for family. I am thrilled to welcome her as a contributor. Anyone who knows me well, knows that dinner time at home with my family is […]

2 Ingredients: Too Good to Be True Homemade Biscuits

2 Ingredient Homemade Biscuits

When you live in the south, it gets quite confusing. There are lots of aunts and uncles around our homestead. We have “real” aunts and uncles and then there are those aunts and uncles you just stumble upon. You know […]

My No Spend Pantry Challenge & Meal Ideas

No Spend Pantry Challenge Month @beautyandbedlam

The pantry door slid open and out fell two bags of tortilla chips with nothing more than crumbs sprinkled at the bottom. As I peered inside, I saw an additional open tortilla bag, alongside an open pretzel bag, potato chips […]

Fun Family Food Ideas: Make some Foodimals

Fun Food Ideas for your Kids

Have you ever seen the movie,  Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs? It  inspired wonderful memories and lots of food fun in my house. My girls are really looking forward to Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2—in theaters on […]

Overnight Refrigerator Rise Cinnamon Rolls

Overnight Refrigerator Rise Cinnamon Rolls

As the coffee pot rumbled, I stumbled to the fridge half asleep, and reached in to pull out my tray filled with yummy cinnamon rolls just waiting to be popped in the oven. The work, which was really quite easy, […]

Pineapple Banana Muffins (or Bread)

Pineapple Banana Bread @beautyandbedlam

Every once in awhile, instead of being irritated, I give a high five when things don’t go the way I planned. In this case, my lack of planning led to a new recipe that I would never have tried, and […]

When Your Child Decides to Go Vegetarian

When Your Child Decides to Go Vegetarian

The Protein Challenge I have often described my teenage daughter as a party looking for a place to happen. She’s lighthearted and funny, and her interests can change as often as the weather. So when she popped into the kitchen […]

Fabulously Fun High Heel Cupcakes

How to make a High Heel Cup Cake

When ladies of all ages get together, why not embrace the girlie girl in all of us and celebrate with some high heel cupcakes? When some of my best friends gathered to celebrate a birthday, one of them shared her […]

After 4 Years, a Good-bye (& the Best of)

tasty tuesday larger logo

“For me, the kitchen feels like the heart of our home. One whiff of my coffee brewing in the morning lifts and it soothes my spirit. The sight, smell and taste of a particular recipe has the potential for such […]

Fresh and Delicious Southern Caviar Dip

Fresh Southern Caviar @beautyandbedlam

I just love all things summer and that means taking advantage of the fresh garden produce that graces our presence during these months. We’ve been making a variety of vegetable dips these last few months and they hit the spot. […]

Treats Teens Love (Share Yours)

Teen Treats Love @beautyandbedlam

Fresh out of college, I dove right into my role as Director of Music and Youth at our local church.  My days were spent working on music and my evenings kept me incredibly young as I shared life together with […]