July 1, 2014

Grilling in Bulk – C.O.S.T Cooking

how to grill kabobs

Sizzle your way to fantastic summer meal plans by firing up the grill and letting it do the work for you. Typically, we all love summer grilling because it keeps the heat out of the kitchen and allows us to […]

Apple Almond Salad

Apple Almond Salad via beautyandbedlam

Summertime is made for salads, and every once in awhile you are introduced to one that is just down right, out of this world amazing. Had I seen the ingredients before I tasted it, I would never have thought to […]

Tasty Tuesday Parade of Foods


I’ve been having so much fun being inspired by all the wonderful ideas on what you all love to grill from yesterday’s GIRLS GRILL TOO Weber grill giveaway post, that I thought I would continue on with that theme. (That […]

Girls Grill Too…(Weber Grill Giveaway)

Weber One-Touch-Grill-

Fireflies decorating the yard. Late summer nights. The smell of freshly cut grass. Freezer full of popsicles. Family Reunions. Swinging in the hammock. Home Projects…AHH, I LOVE this time of the year. As I add to my “thankful list” for […]

Breakfast in Bed…take two for Tasty Tuesday

I love you plate

A few weeks ago I shared about our special family tradition of serving breakfast in bed. I encouraged you to take the time to be intentional with your family by sharing creative ways of saying, “I Love You” …just because. […]

Easy, One Minute Fruit Cobbler (using Cake Mix)

strawberry cobbler

With summertime in full force, fruits of all varieties beckon from those farmer’s market stands. We’ve already gone strawberry picking and cherry picking, yet I am most excited to see raspberries and blackberries start to ripen in my garden. If […]

Magic Bullet Recipes, Magic Bullet Recipe Ideas

Magic bullet to go

If you don’t have a Magic Bullet, try my DIY trick. If you’ve come here looking for great Magic Bullet Recipes, scroll to the very bottom of the posts where the comments are located. 100 people have added some amazing […]

What’s Your Favorite Cookbook?

cookbook decisions_opt

One of my family manager goals this summer is for the kids to all master a few recipes. My girls were browsing some of my new cookbooks trying to decide what they wanted to learn and to them, it’s all […]

Easy Chocolate Cream Cheese Cake (with hint of coffee)

chocolate cake_opt

Creating cakes that look and taste like they came from a bakery is my desire, yet reality sets in and I am drawn to my second choice of finding recipes that can mimic that desire. This easy chocolate recipe takes […]

Breakfast in Bed – Not Just for Special Occasions

bfast in bed_opt

Breakfast in bed for birthdays are an annual tradition. The “You Are Special” plate or any number of our personalized plates are dusted off. Candles are lit and typically waffles topped with ice cream, whipped cream and lots of other […]

Healthy Eating Choices – Tasty Tuesday


For the last year, I have vacillated on writing about my weight loss journey throughout the years, but something always stops me. Bottom line, women and weight issues hold a lot of emotional baggage, and there are NO easy answers […]

The Technology Rub with Reality


(Oops – Comments are now open…did NOT mean to have them closed. This was meant to spur an interesting discussion.) I’ve been traveling quite a bit lately and with that has come a sobering realization. My life is completely tied […]

Tasty Tuesday – Sharing Some Bedlam Kitchen Moments


Welcome to Tasty Tuesday’s Parade of Foods – Bedlam Kitchen Moments. We’ve all had them, haven’t we? Think back to that moment in the kitchen where chaos reigned supreme and that recipe creation you were working on either flopped, failed […]

Mother’s Day Extravaganza


Reading the comments from my “When did you learn to cook?” post has been a true privilege. If you haven’t done that and need some motivation in the cooking department, there were some motivating stories. My desire was to summarize […]

How to Make Homemade French bread

french bread

Making homemade bread seems like a daunting task, but this detailed video of me going on and on will show you how you can literally make homemade French bread with only ten minutes of your time (plus, the extra time […]