October 21, 2017

My Evolution to Real Foods, Organic, Junk & in between


(Edited to add: Don’t miss reading the comments. It’s so fascinating to hear everyone’s story.) Meandering the dicey waters of healthy eating is often a struggle for me. I think back on my early days of mothering and so distinctly […]

Can You Freeze Soda?


Can you freeze soda? Ah…not in the can, you can’t. Nope, it will expand and explode all over your freezer and create quite the mess. Ask me how I know? šŸ˜‰ Now can you freeze it in the 2-liter bottle? […]

Which Brands Can You Not Live Without?


Edit to add: I won and soĀ appreciate your support of my BLT sandwich in the Most Wanted Sandwich Contest. All proceeds will go towards our family’s quest to travel with Compassion International and sponsor a third world village.Ā For background info […]

Tasty Tuesday Parade of Foods


Looking at this picture makes me realize just how sick I am with the flu. This is my favorite treat of all times, and right now, the thought of eating it does funny things to my stomach. I haven’t been […]

Styling with a Food Stylist


Earlier in the week, we talked styling hair, but now we’re talking food styling. Having the privilege of visiting a few commercial test kitchens, I am more and more amazed at the art of food styling and food styling for […]

How Do I Fix This Kitchen Tool?


It’s no exaggeration that my Kitchen Aid mixer is one of my most beloved and recommended kitchen tools. No, I am not getting paid to say this. No, they are not sending me a free mixer to post this. This […]

What’s the First Recipe You Learned to Cook?


Reading the comments to my Tasty Tuesday posts and the discussions created, definitely spark some of my mostĀ  favorite foodie moments on this blog. From “What’s Your Favorite Cookbook,” to “What’s the Weirdest Thing You’ve Ever Eaten?,” it’s so interesting […]

Teens, Football and their Tabasco


This post brought to you by TABASCOĀ® Original Red. All opinions are 100% mine. When I was emailed about trying theĀ TABASCOĀ® Original Red sauce, I paused to contemplate for two whole seconds. My guys use Tabasco sauce nearly every day. […]

Hillshire Farm Most Wanted Sandwich + $2 off Coupon


If you’re here searching for the $2 off Hillshire Farms coupons, go to Go Meat.com, and vote for my BLT sandwich. To understand the story behind my sandwich and how we’ll use it to bless orphaned children, keep reading. I […]

Healthy, Banana Oatmeal Muffins


There’s something about this cold weather that just calls for turning on the oven, and filling the home with baked goods to tantalize our taste buds. Well, my taste buds have been tested with SO many sweets during the holidays […]

The Worst Cook in America ā€“ Cooking with Kids


Our seven year old daughter is metamorphosing into a regular ole”foodie.” I’ve walked into our room three different times this week and she has been engrossed in the Food Network. I guess if your child sneaks TV without permission, at […]

Ideas for Picky Eaters – Chime in


I remember it as if it was yesterday. Overdue with our second child, (who ended up being 10 pounds, 1 ounceĀ  – yes, a crazy natural birth) my mom had come to WI (from NC) to help me with our […]

Tasty Tuesday – One Minute Delight


Such a simple pleasure for such a teeny, tiny price… Mint Fudge Covered Oreos – 50% off After Christmas Sale at Target Free French Vanilla Ice Cream from Earth Fare’s weekly coupon/email. Chop Oreo, mix into soften ice cream – […]

“I No Longer Cook” Edition of Tasty Tuesday


For those of you needing some extra food inspiration, there is an amazing one day deal today. You will receive BOTH Martha Steward’s Everday Foods AND her Whole Living Magazines for an entire year for only $10. Don’t miss it! […]

Easy Marinated Cheese Appetizer Recipe


Growing up in the good ‘ole dairy state of Wisconsin, I assumed I had sampled every version of cheese appetizer known to munchers like myself. Obviously not because this unbelievably delicious make ahead marinated cheese appetizer is TO DIE FOR […]