August 21, 2014

Mega SwagBucks Friday


Have you guys checked out Swagbucks yet? If not, you will want to take just a minute to read over my past posts. I can’t tell you how exciting it is to get items for free with no strings attached. […]

Financial Update – Needs vs. Wants

needs vs want pic

Last week, we celebrated the one year anniversary of our God Watch – a time of watching and waiting expectantly. One year of transition, one year of unemployment, one year of unknowns, and one year later…we have grown, changed, cried, […]

Setting Financial Goals: For What Dream are You Saving?

Unbelievable Front Porch Ideas

(Edited to add: The porch that took 17 years to build has finally been completed.) When we built our house thirteen years ago, we purposely designed a colonial style because our dream style for our home was to have a […]

Expensive Investments – the Frugal Reality of Braces


As much as I love the thrill of free things, some things in life are not free. In fact, some things in life are not even frugal. More importantly, some things in life are just down right expensive. So where […]

Frugal Fashionista Fashion Show


Welcome to our Frugal Fashionista Fashion Show. If you’re curious on how I shop thrift, check out yesterday’s VLOG featuring my latest trip to Goodwill Last week I shared that it’s crucial to buy clothes out of season to really […]

Get Free Gifts with Swagbucks


Rarely, do I jump on board something that seems too good to be true, so I wait…to make sure. Well, the fact that I waited and didn’t tell you about Swagbucks earlier is something I highly regret. Our Christmas could […]

Dress for Less – Holiday Edition


If you’re new to my Frugal Fashionista posts, go back to the beginning of the series and see my challenge to dress for less..second hand.

Every outfit that I put together never exceeds $15 (including accessories and footwear).

Looking at the pieces below, I’m maxing out this post at a total cost of $7 (I know, I know…you never find deals like that ;)) .

Showing you the possibilities that are out there for fun, festive holiday attire may encourage you to finally throw away that stenciled Christmas tree sweatshirt that Grandma gave you back in the 90′s. Yes, I admit, I had a growing wardrobe of outdated Christmas clothes that I just couldn’t part with since I thought…”well, they’re festive.”

I GOT RID OF THEM!! Yes, I did and now I am free to dress without the small voice in my head whispering that I must wear it so I don’t hurt momma’s feelings.

Decorating with Ornaments


Scrambling to decorate last evening, minutes before my guests were to arrive, reality set in…it was not going to happen.

Think quickly, Jen. How could I add that holiday feel with only minutes to prepare, yet still give some decorating bang for my frugal buck?

Decorate with ornaments, and cut some greenery from the outside bushes, of course. (And since I’m a fancy schmancy photographer, you’ll see me sitting on the counter taking those two pictures. :) )

Lovin’ Leather at Frugal Fashionista Prices


It’s the most wonderful time of the year…

(Hum it with me while I sing) “There are thrift stores to discover, frugal finds to uncover and scarves just waiting to be tied…”

Oh, excuse me, I’m getting carried away because I am about to disclose two of my newest Frugal Fashionista finds, and they just happen to have made my “Top Ten” list.

For many, a timeless leather jacket is an investment that is worth the splurge because of it’s versatility, wearability and basically, just the sheer classy lady factor. For me, as much as I can appreciate doing the math on a “cost per wear” basis, I just haven’t felt called to take the leather jacket plunge… until now.

Free Martha Stewart and Paula Deen Holiday Cookbooks


Free Martha Steward Thanksgiving cookbook, Free Paula Deen holiday planner

“God Watch” Financial Update


*Many of you have asked how my husband’s job search is going and how we are making it financially since it’s been so long. Here are just a few thoughts for those faithful followers. Embracing this season during our “God […]

Extending our “God Watch”


I watch. I wait. I wonder. Some call it courage. Some call it foolish. I call it faith. Six months ago, I wrote a blog post called, “Join me on our God Watch.” It invited blogging friends to join our […]

How to Plan a Cheap Family Vacation (without being “cheap”)

Planning a no spend vacation

After months of skimping, saving and planning, the annual family vacation is finally here. You head out for your much anticipated time away, but come back not only needing a time of recuperation from the hectic schedule, but also an […]

Designer wardrobe on a frugal budget


My First Frugal Fashionista post This is where it all started…now it’s an ongoing series…:) With frugal living becoming the new buzz word of the year, people are becoming more aware of the many options for living on less…and loving […]

McDonald’s shares frugal delights


Even though I shared my 14 year old Burger of a Lifetime post with you, I also stated that I was back to my old sinful ways. Somehow, teen boys who devour 4 double cheeseburgers at one sitting without thinking […]