December 31, 2014

(Non Toy) Gifts That Make an Impact for Years to Come

Create your own photo booth

As the holidays arrive, stoves simmer, and families reunite, the Most Wonderful Time of the Year resonates in our hearts. We want our family to know they are loved beyond measure, yet everything around us during this season equates with […]

Great Alternatives to Traditional College Education

College Graduation celebration

I can remember the specific day. Enrolled in my first year of college as a Mass Communications major, (yes, I was going to be the Today Show’s next female anchor woman), I had an epiphany. Sitting under the tutelage of […]

5 Ways to Save & Pay Cash for College: 4 kids in 5 years

Saving money and paying cash for college tuition

 A little over two years ago, I opened up an incredibly interesting can of worms on my facebook page with the status updated, “Why we won’t let our graduating senior go to college in the fall, unless things change.” As […]

How Do You Handle Allowances for Your Children? Finances & Kids

saving money kids

“Mom, there’s just chores in our household that we should always do just because we are part of a family unit. We shouldn’t get any money for doing them. You’ve always offered us money for going above and beyond, but I guess we […]

Kids, Money and Kidworth


This past October, I spent 31 days brainstorming ways to balance beauty and the budget. Often we confuse the matter. We think that living a full, beautiful life necessitates having a large bank account, but often it’s about being smart […]

5 Tips to Helping Children Learn the Value of Savings

How should allowances be handled with children?

Since I frantically pack for a quick trip out of town and haven’t written my post for tomorrow, I thought I would share some short tips that were requested of me for an article. Short tips for “passing on saving […]

Raising Money Saving Kids

saving money kids

One of my blogging goals this year incorporates sharing the steps we are taking to train our children in financial responsibility. Over a year ago, I wrote this post, but never finished editing it. I thought it would be a […]