August 22, 2014

How Do You Handle Allowances for Your Children? Finances & Kids

saving money kids

“Mom, there’s just chores in our household that we should always do just because we are part of a family unit. We shouldn’t need any money for doing them. You’ve always offered us money for going above and beyond, but […]

Kids, Money and Kidworth


This past October, I spent 31 days brainstorming ways to balance beauty and the budget. Often we confuse the matter. We think that living a full, beautiful life necessitates having a large bank account, but often it’s about being smart […]

5 Tips to Helping Children Learn the Value of Savings

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Since I frantically pack for a quick trip out of town and haven’t written my post for tomorrow, I thought I would share some short tips that were requested of me for an article. Short tips for “passing on saving […]

Raising Money Saving Kids

saving money kids

One of my blogging goals this year incorporates sharing the steps we are taking to train our children in financial responsibility. Over a year ago, I wrote this post, but never finished editing it. I thought it would be a […]