October 20, 2017

Do You Have a Christmas Ornament Tradition? (Start one now)


(My music themed ornament collection) As I determine when to pack away our Christmas tree ornaments for another year, I’m continually amazed at how many of our family’s ornaments tell their own story. This year my daughters spent hours looking […]

Stock up Now…give generously year round


It’s December 26th, one of my favorite store shopping days of the year and yet I sit all cozy up in bed completely snowed in on our gravel road. Beauty gallivanted down on Christmas Day in the form of eight […]

In Just a Blink…


On this Christmas Day, as I ponder the miracle of my Lord’s Birth, and rejoice in His gift to us, it also allows me some quiet moments to pause and ponder. I glanced back this week at some old  pictures […]

Holiday Decor on a Budget (a few last minute ideas)


Many of you agree that decorating on a dime brings out the creative juices. For me,  it’s no different during the holidays. In fact, it’s so fun to see what one can create out of the items that are already […]

Blessing Baskets for those in Need


Often, these last few weeks before Christmas, signal a shift into consumer mode. Especially for the children, counting of the presents ramp into full gear. The comparison of who deserves the most becomes a daily occurrence, and generally an all […]

Door to Door Christmas Caroling


The Door to Door Christmas Caroling tradition has become a thing of the past, but not for our extended family. For over a decade, we gather, put together plates of Christmas goodies, and visit our neighbors. Now, remember, we are […]

My Christmas Holiday Decor and more…


Is it possible that putting up Christmas Holiday Decor can span nearly two weeks? How I have dragged it out so much? Bit by bit, I am slowly finishing different spots in the house, but unfortunately, that means there’s been […]

Progressive Dinner & Round Two of Our Holiday Giveaway Bash


Partnering with other bloggers and the friendships that arise from these collaborations has been a huge blessing of blogging. During this week, I’ve partnered with two groups of friends about two of my favorite topics: free things and food, with […]

Magic From Heaven…Let it Snow


Minutes ago, magic glittered from heaven… We live in NC and this is a rare treat, so the gleeful screams from our kids could surely be heard cross country. This shot was captured within five minutes of the first ginormous […]

Christmas Mantel Decorations and Ideas for Garlands


As the holidays approach, Christmas decor comes out of the attic, outside lights go up, and schedules increase. One of my yearly Christmas decorating inspirations has been my friend, Laura and her glorious garlands. Last Sunday, I heard her ask […]

We Paused and Gave Thanks


Psalm 145:7 NIV They will celebrate your abundant goodness and joyfully sing of your righteousness. Our family circle paused to give thanks, to celebrate, to reminisce and to remember… Moments like this instill the importance of  choosing to be intentional […]

Thanksgiving Ideas, Traditions, Decor and More


Some how life blurred between October and November, and the many blog post drafts with wonderful Thanksgiving ideas and traditions never were completed. So here is a round up of some of last year’s Thanksgiving ideas, meal inspirations, and just […]

When Bedlam Strikes, You Have a Choice…


It’s been “one of those” weeks for me, and that is an understatement. A multitude of bedlam moments struck full force causing untold damage that is so unbelievably blog worthy, I can’t even stand it. For the sake of protecting […]

3 Ways to De-stress During the Holidays


As the holidays arrive, stoves simmer, and families reunite, the Most Wonderful Time of the Year resonates in our hearts.  Our desire is to welcome guests to our home with beautifully adorned decorations, deliciously homemade delights and ambiance that rivals […]

Kids Do Not Care


Our third story is 1,000 square feet of unfinished space, affectionately termed “The attic.” Once we finish it off, one half will house the boys bedroom, while the “teen hang out” will be on the other, and then it will […]