October 18, 2017

Easy, One Minute Thanksgiving Decorations


It’s that time of the year when we want our homes to be cozy, to exude warmth for the soul, and yet we fret about making our home decorations perfect. As my sweet daughters and I strolled up our drive, […]

My Happy Place


(source) Walking through the side door entry way of our home, I enter a place of solace for me. My laundry room is my happy place. A place to escape the reality of day to day life as a mom, […]

Pottery Barn Inspired – Frugal Girls Bedroom Ideas


Over the last year, I’ve been slowly adding Pottery Inspired ideas for my girls’ bedroom.  The one thing that has stretched our budget more than anything else, have been the ability to thrift and yard sales for treasures. Those items […]

Do You Decorate Above Your Doors?


As I stumbled across this 1949 picture on Life.com, it conjured up so many feelings – a time when life was more simple, when boys were content to play with one truck on the floor, and when Family Managers focused […]

How to Make Drop Cloth Curtains


(Kim’s Drop Cloth Curtains) While I am away, my sweet friend Lynn is sharing one of her frugal successes – How to make drop cloth curtains. I remember when she first asked my advice about making them, and I told […]

Holiday Decor on a Budget (a few last minute ideas)


Many of you agree that decorating on a dime brings out the creative juices. For me,  it’s no different during the holidays. In fact, it’s so fun to see what one can create out of the items that are already […]

My Christmas Holiday Decor and more…


Is it possible that putting up Christmas Holiday Decor can span nearly two weeks? How I have dragged it out so much? Bit by bit, I am slowly finishing different spots in the house, but unfortunately, that means there’s been […]

Christmas Mantel Decorations and Ideas for Garlands


As the holidays approach, Christmas decor comes out of the attic, outside lights go up, and schedules increase. One of my yearly Christmas decorating inspirations has been my friend, Laura and her glorious garlands. Last Sunday, I heard her ask […]

Decorating our Home with Nature


Often, the best home decor is inspired by nature, found in nature and doesn’t cost one penny. That is “Decorating on a Dime” at its finest, or in this case, “Decorating for not even one dime.” Often, we stop at […]

Simply Frugal Mantel Decorations


Our mantel is the focal  point in our home. For me, that is not by choice, but it is what it is. When we first moved in, I really struggled with what looked “just right.” Often, we get so overwhelmed […]

Quick and Easy Centerpieces


Decorating on a Dime takes time, tenacity and tutelage from those who’ve gone before you. Mix that with a little imagination and you are raring to go with any aspect of your home. Yes, squashing the hidden retail shopper inside […]

Hanging Wreaths over Mirrors?


Decorating with mirrors is a tool that every designer who ‘decorates on a dime’ implements.

There is something special about a mirrored reflection as the sun catches or candlelight glistens. That kind of illumination in a room sets a tone.

A simple mirror creates the optical illusion where even the smallest of rooms feel larger.

But have you ever thought of accessorizing the mirror itself? Probably not.

Showcasing a wreath over a mirror is one of my favorite things (but that is where I have stopped).

Creating a Tablescape: Tablescape Ideas


When I threw out my “30 days of intentional living” idea, many of you said, “Count me in.” As I ponder and think through what my goals are for that month, I am the first to understand that encouraging you […]