November 24, 2017

Finally Fall – Home Decor Ideas


For years, our home was the place to be during the fall. With lots of land and a huge bon fire pit, hay rides, bon fires and s’mores welcomed our fall guests with all that autumn has to offer. With […]

Ditto DIY (Inspired Design for the Rest of Us)


Have you ever looked at home decorating magazine or watched a design show on HGTV and wished you could make your own rooms look that good? Design is not always about expertise or even an unlimited budget, but more about […]

Paint, Paints, Painting


I paint. She paints. I am painting. The grammar girl in me can’t help but express herself when she has spent the last few weeks painting away. If you’re following along on my Instagram (jenschmidt_beautyandbedlam) or facebook, you know I’ve […]

Simple Tips for Styling Your Home


As the snow melts and spring nods its head to promise of things to come, my mind turns towards ideas to brighten and freshen up my home. Since I am all about the themes of repurpose, refresh and reuse, I […]

Pinwheel Napkin Fold: Tablescape Ideas


There’s just something about gorgeous linens and napkins all folded up pretty like that makes my table so very happy. I’ve been experimenting with napkin folds over the last couple years and slowly, but surely, I will share them all […]

Easy, Frugal and Gorgeous Ornament Garland


My last two weeks have contained a world wind of the unexpected. From more basketball games than I can count, which include my new title, “Professional Concessions Stand Lady,” to decorating the school cafeteria for our son’s football banquet for […]

Painted Hutch Love: Christmas Style


One of the pieces of furniture that makes me the most happy is my kitchen hutch, and I am staring at right now. Yes, this is the view as I sit at my kitchen table plucking away at my laptop. […]

Scrapbook Paper Christmas Tree: Best 10 Minute Craft


For years, shouts from behind the closet door have been taunting me. “Please, I want to be your friend again. We used to be besties. I promise, you won’t regret it.” But alas, I have ignored those quiet pleas and […]

High Impact, Low Budget, Paper Craft Decorations


In the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, Christmas crafts create nostalgia, sentiment and guilt. When my big boys were little, I used to be a Christmas Craft kind of mom. I’d structure creative time into our schedule, and […]

Ideas for Christmas Trees: My Source of Inspiration


When it comes to decorating ones home, there’s inspiration to be found everywhere. Yet often, I lose site of taking a small baby step of inspiration if I can’t embrace the entire project. Whether it be budget, time constraints or […]

Tablescape Magic: Turn Your Glasses Upside Down


One of my first ever DIY blog posts written nearly four years ago was entitled,“DIY: Even You Can Do This.” I remember how excited I was to share all the unique ways I was using glassware, mainly by just turning […]

Ideas for Mason Jars: Creative Uses for Jars


Any one who walks in our home will slowly learn my love of mason jars. They are so versatile, and my uses for Mason Jars range with everything from food, to decorating, to organizing and more.  I am sure that […]

Simple DIY Centerpieces (using Lemons)


There’s something about a simple, yet elegant, centerpiece that creates a beautiful ambiance on what could otherwise be a boring table.  Recently, I shared some of my fun and frugal centerpieces. After that I attended a dinner in a room […]

Real Life Christmas Home Tour on a Budget


Don’t miss out on all the Free Last Minute Gift Ideas I have just for you. Print off My Conversation Starter Questions and Homemade Christmas Coupon Book for meaningful, gift giving ideas. It’s been one bedlam moment after another as […]

The Bedlam & Reality Behind a Christmas Mantle


(Check out The Inspired Room Christmas Home Tour) Sometimes as bloggers, we do crazy things for the sake of a post. You don’t always hear about it, and most likely, you don’t see it, but I thought I’d give you […]