December 19, 2014

Baby Steps to our Southern Living Landscaping & Home

On our way to Southern Living landscaping

I’ve spent years celebrating with my friends as they buy their dream homes. Some have purchased perfectly ready move in gems, while others have done renovations to create just the look they desired. When I was a young mom with […]

Speed Clean the Bathroom in Minutes (Free Printable)

What a great printable! Speed Clean the Bathroom in Minutes

Who would think that focusing just 15 minutes a day to declutter new areas of the home would be so challenging? Well, slowly but surely, I am making my way through these daunting and neglected areas and it’s so worth […]

Clutter Countdown: Easy Additional Storage Ideas

Love the versatility of this Sauder Chevron Storage piece

It’s half way through the month and our Clutter Countdown Challenge is well underway. While I haven’t hit 15 minutes of decluttering every day because of travel and weekend obligations, I’ve made such amazing headways and it feels wonderful. My […]

15 Minute Kitchen Clean Up Checklist (free Printable)

15 Minute Kitchen Clean Up Checklist. Free Printable! Great tips!

During my Clutter Countdown Challenge, I’ve spent a lot of time in the kitchen. My counters are clean, my sink is empty and polished” most nights, my pantry is organized (for the most part) and I’ve slowly pared down items in […]

Realistic Pantry Organization Tips: Clutter Countdown

Create Zones when Organizing Your Pantry  Clutter Countdown

There’s something about a clean and orderly pantry that just takes my breath away. Since I shared on Day 1 of our Clutter Countdown challenge that I am going to be quite vulnerable in this series, my pantry is a […]

Plan a Clutter Countdown Family Meeting (+ free printable)

Please Don't walk by this Clutter Countdown

If you haven’t already, it’s about time we get the whole family on board with our Clutter Countdown challenge. Remember, that while we may be challenging ourselves to declutter for 15 minutes a day, it’s about beginning new habits and changing the […]

The Baby Steps of Daily Organization: Clean Sink Habit

Clutter Countdown - Clean out the SINK!!

Since I was gone all day today (did you see my trip to Old Salem on facebook), I thought I would pull up a previous post for today’s Clutter Countdown. Yes, it’s from January ’09. Over five years ago, I […]

Tips for Clean Kitchen Counters

Decorative touch for storing kitchen knives; Clutter Countdown

In the hub of our home, the kitchen is the one area that announces “congregate.” When you have company, that’s where everyone first meets, don’t they? With everything from people gathering, to clutter congregating, the kitchen is an area where […]

Clutter Countdown: Clear the Counters

15 Minute Counter Clean up

The words I penned above are heartfelt. Our kitchen has always been the heartbeat of our home. It’s where many memories are made, stories shared, hugs given and of course, delicious meals enjoyed. It’s my favorite place in our house, […]

Clutter Countdown Begins Now!

Clutter Countdown begins now! Come join us. Just 15 minutes a day with revolutionize our homes. Let's hold each other accountable.

It’s time. It’s past time. For over two years, I’ve had this cute little Clutter Countdown graphic sitting in my blog drafts, but I’ve always found something else more important to commit to because deep down, I was skeeeeered (scared. […]

Succulent Love: Brown Thumbs Unite!

Decorating throughout the home with small succulents

It was my first apartment and someone gifted me a lovely potted plant. There were a few varieties planted in the base and soon, they all died, except for one. I couldn’t identify it, but I knew it was not […]

Questions to Ask When Deciding on Home Decor

Home Decor Ideas and Inspiration

I have mentioned this before, but I am the worst at large purchasing decisions. My husband is the same way, so for years, the joke with our extended family has been that he took less time in finding his wife […]

15 Minute Party Planning Ideas: Use What You Have

Delicious Iced Coffee and easy party bar

I’m in a season of choosing my “Yeses” wisely. In fact, the summer is nearly over, our son goes off to collage in just a few weeks and I’ve watched days turn to weeks, turn to months and those moments […]

Easily Divide Hosta and Daylilies (and have free plants for life)

Follow these simple tips and have free plants for life

For the last few months, we’ve been tackling just a bit of our backyard bedlam. Just to make you all feel better about your yard, I showed you just how aggressively the weeds had taken over. I shared that the […]

Our Son’s Surprise Landscaping Present to Me

The process of making a swinging bed

A few weeks ago, I shared about some of our landscaping challenges and asked for your input on favorite flowers etc. Thank you so much. I have taken note and continue my list because there’s just nothing that brings such […]