November 28, 2015

Meeting Blogging Friends in Real Life


Next weekend I have the wonderful opportunity to attend the Proverbs 31 – She Speaks Conference (for speakers, writers, and bloggers), right here in NC.I was going to share my explanation, but Lysa’s vision is straight from the heart. She […]

Birthday Traditions


Since I mentioned that we just finished three birthdays in 31 days, I thought I would share a few birthday tradition ideas that have been meaningful at different times. We don’t attempt to do these all or it would be […]

How to organize kids’ chores and routines?


Being out of town for 11 days (yes, 11..ugh) has definitely blown our family’s routine out of the water. Trying to keep my head above the sea of laundry, cleaning, writing and life led me to my dear friend over […]

A Sunday Moment


A child-like gift of love…We’ve all received them…A precious fist full of ‘nothing,’ yet given with grandeur. Unbelievably, His great love showered me in the midst of the unexpected. Revealing Himself through a fist full of nothing, this daughter of […]

Are you a “Yes Mom?”


In a culture that screams “Yes” to everyone and everything that the world has to offer, I am a mean mom that says “No” quite often. “No” to ideology that says truth is relative. “No” to many movies, music and […]

No more complaining…


Seriously ladies – we have no right to complain about nursing ever again. You think you’re tired? These babies not only have really sharp teeth, but claws as well. Nope – no complaining here.My years of nursing were just fine! […]

Our Family Flag


BHG Our Family Flag As a home school mom, who rarely shares about her homeschooling on this blog, I wanted to incorporate a very tiny educational tradition for this wonderful holiday. Point out the American Flag every time you see […]

4th of July Decorating and Craft ideas


There are so many quick and easy ways to decorate for the 4th. I am always a week late getting my decorations up. So in typical fashion, I went and pulled things down from my attic today. Yes real time, […]

Family Fun 4th of July ideas


Red, White & Blue Only – Create a neighborhood tradition and organize a potluck that no one will want to miss. Invite all of your family and friends to this casual party and give them each a food assignment. Include […]

4th of July Traditions


All week long there will be unique July 4th ideas right here. This year, why not start a family tradition to honor your localpublic servants, who embody the July value of ‘Courage’?Most families have the annual cookie exchange at Christmas […]

4th of July Recipe Ideas


For additional 4th of July Dessert idea inspiration, don’t miss an additional six fabulously easy ideas. Welcome to my “Wow, it’s almost the 4th of July. Where has the summer flown?” edition of Tasty Tuesday Parade of Foods. With fresh […]

Confessions of a Running Mom: 5 Frugal Fitness Tips


Can I tell you a secret? I hated running as a child. Okay, that’s not much of a secret…in fact anyone who knew me then, could tell you that. But growing up I hated any form of exercising, and running […]

Father’s Day Tradition – Father’s Day Cake


Father’s Day Cake (with cupcakes) – After you’ve made your Papa Pizza, you definitely need some dessert to finish the day. There are many recipes that you can find for a Father’s Day cake, but few will create a memorable […]

Father’s Day Traditions


Balancing Beauty and Bedlam is the place this week for Father’s Day tradition ideas. . And remember, with a little tweaking, these are ideas that will work for grandpa as well. So far we’ve shared how we can celebrate dad […]

A Sunday Moment


It’s interesting to me that so many people view this road as narrow. This narrow path saved our children from danger. My daughter held her daddy’s hand as she hiked this trail in Pigeon Forge. She was safe, secure, and […]

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