October 18, 2017

My Adoption: A Choice of Hope


If you’ve been reading here for any length of time, you know I am passionate about mothering. Whether it’s a biological child, adopted child or simply sharing LIFE by mentoring another in ones life, the opportunity to impact and influence […]

What Are Your Family Priorities?


 When I look around, there are a few people that completely encourage and inspire me as a mom. Women who’ve embraced their role, juggle so much and walk the talk, or quite honestly, RUN IT WELL! Tricia Goyer is one […]

Surviving Midnight Diapers (Baby Shower Idea)


The beauty of welcoming new life is such a blessing. To encourage and honor a new momma during a time which will forever change her, marks a significant milestone, and I’ve shared some other neat baby shower tradition ideas in […]

Remembering the Days of our Lego Love


Could it have been over ten years since my boys engrossed their day to day imaginations in the world of cowboys, forts, warriors and LEGOs.® Time slips by so quickly, yet one constant in our lives over the course of ten […]

Dear Me: a Letter to My Teenage Self


Dear Teenage Self Me, In one week, you will turn 16. I just love that you are so full of  life, and innocent enough to believe that this magical birthday will suddenly allow life to explode with possibilities. I know, […]

Special Ideas for Grandparents


Celebrating Grandparents – This Sunday, we celebrate an overlooked, but wonderful holiday –  National Grandparents Day. Celebrated on the first Sunday after Labor Day, the holiday was created to remind grandchildren to tap into the wisdom and heritage their grandparents […]

Love Them Well


“We’re praying for this next chapter,” I heard the greeter mention to someone as they walked out of the sanctuary. I glanced up to see who she was addressing, and my sweet friends came into view. “Chapter, what chapter,” I […]

Cell Phone Dilemna: When Should Kids Get Them?


As a mother of four teenagers, with a nine year old trailing right behind, you wouldn’t believe the number of times I get asked my opinion about when children should get cell phones. I’ve quickly realized that question needs to […]

Little by Little: Life Lesson for Moms and Kids


Within a few weeks, kids everywhere will be back in school. Whether one schools at home or structured in the classroom, I find that the start of the school year gives way to a plethora of opportunities that just begs […]

What’s the Going Tooth Fairy Rate?


Have you ever just chuckled when you are smack dab in the middle of a conversation, and then you realize if there were any outside ears listening, that person would surely raise their eyebrows and wonder about you? Yes, our […]

Confessions of a Mom: Dental Visit Defector


I admit it. It has taken me nearly eighteen years of mothering to finally get my act together when it comes to regularly scheduled dental visits. For years, as a young mom, I would hide my head in shame when […]

Dream Big Dreams (with your kids) + St. Patrick’s Day Traditions


With St. Patrick’s Day coming up, now is a great month to start a family tradition that makes you think about the importance of dreams all month long.  Share some of your dreams with your children (or maybe you are […]

What Am I Going to Do With My Guys?


I am a boy mom. I am a girl mom. I am a football mom, a soccer mom, a basketball mom, a golf mom, but all the time I feel like a grocery shopping mom. Since our first three children […]

It’s Worth the Fight (Sibling Relationships)


Last week I happened upon this two year old photo. If there’s one thing that’s been a constant in our home, it’s the way our eldest always has his little sister’s best interest at heart. He cares for her. He […]

My Son’s First Kiss


For years now, we have encouraged our sons to wait and guard a girl’s heart before he ever thinks about taking that first special kiss. A kiss is sacred and too many take that special moment for granted. Well, times […]