October 18, 2017

Traditions – Your Family Story with a twist


Hi dear blogging friends – I covet your prayers this weekend as I am doing a booth at our city’s Holiday Market. This is one of those huge holiday shopping extravaganza’s where 20,000 people pack in like sardines for a […]

Do You Know your Family’s Story? Legacy?


There have been so many times since my sister in law passed away from the crippling effects of breast cancer at the age of 34, that I have wished I had more stories to share with her three children…her stories.In […]

What it feels like to be you….


This is a continuation of ideas on fostering honesty in the home.If you missed yesterday’s post, start HERE! For an interesting and memorable evening change places (literally) at the dinner table one night. Pick one family member (such as Mom) […]

Have You Been Boo-ed? Fun Halloween Ideas & Traditions


While our family sticks more to the Fall Festival kind of activities, many of my friends love this new Halloween tradition that is  spreading rapidly grass-roots fashion throughout the culture and I thought I would share it from my last […]

Character Counts…doesn’t it?


Please tell me we still all believe that, don’t we? Yet the process of establishing a strong set of character qualities in our children can seem daunting and so overwhelming, especially when we are in the midst of the pandemonium […]