November 24, 2017

Door to Door Christmas Caroling


The Door to Door Christmas Caroling tradition has become a thing of the past, but not for our extended family. For over a decade, we gather, put together plates of Christmas goodies, and visit our neighbors. Now, remember, we are […]

Christmas Cruising


Christmas Cruising – Some of the best traditions are simple and sweet and require little more than hot chocolate and a full tank of gas. About a week before Christmas get the whole family together for “Christmas lights” cruising in the car.

Reindeer Food for Christmas


Reindeer Mix So you’ve thought of you cookies for Santa, but have you left poor Donner and Blitzen out in the cold? Don’t worry, with only days left until Rudolph’s big arrival, this is something that you can whip up […]

Candy Cane Trail (special Christmas morning tradition)


Traditions are meant to last! Most kids crave novelty – the newest video game, the greatest CD-ROM, the biggest Christmas tree, the latest, greatest… But at holidays, they are transformed from thrill seekers to traditionalists. If your family has done […]