October 22, 2017

P.O.O.P.I.E.S. beware


It had been a long, but glorious day. I spent time with a family that was sure to hold a special place in my heart for many years to come. The kids played while we laughed, and dined, and I […]

Meet the Menace…


This is my small spot in the world where I share my reality of balancing beauty and bedlam. So many blogs scream beauty, and I savor those with my coffee, but my goal is to also share the bedlam that […]

My head is spinning… care to join me?


Webster’s dictionary defines “spinning” as: 3 to revolve rapidly : gyrate b: to feel as if in a whirl : reel Can you relate? As you finish up the last minute details from your dog days of summer, and prepare […]

Computer woes saved by sensational Sunday


My deep question for the day is “can an inadiment object” build my character? How can something like a computer cause such strong emotions like anger, frustration, remorse, sorrow and discontent? Considering that somehow over the weekend this laptop picked […]

OH MY!!! We are in trouble!!


Can’t get enough of His glory! Besides the 3:45am start to my day,who could have imagined that such beautycould have turned to bedlam so quickly.Our Once Upon a Family’s Operation Happy Home 2008 began on Thursday. It started so innocently, […]

Beauty and the Beast


If you’re new to my blog, each day I share my experiences of beauty and bedlam. First – the beauty, but keep scrolling down because the bedlam is priceless. There was a terrible thunderstorm that swept through the area while […]

Snakes, boys and things that scream "ahh" in the night


BEDLAM I begin today with my bedlam moment. My husband and sons were coming home from golfing when they eyed this lovely piece of God’s creation (remember…choose joy). It was enjoying a leisurely sun bath by our front stairs.Isn’t it […]

Comforting Corners and Controlled Chaos…


Since you all know that I am new to the blogging world, I have been trying to find “my niche.” What is it that I want to convey with the few moments that I have to spend?As my desire for […]

When it rains, it pours……


We decided to be spontaneous and go blueberry picking. Well, not quite so spontaneous…I had gone before with the little ones, but decided one of the beauties of multiple kids is the cheap labor. So train them well when they’re […]

Laugh out loud funny! It could have been you.


My friend gave me a great laugh last night. This came from a going away party at an insurance office. Make sure you read the little story underneath because you probably won’t get it on the first go around. Ah, […]