October 22, 2017

Under Construction


Welcome to my new home on the web. Please excuse my bedlam moment while this site is under construction. It will be up and running soon! You can still visit my old site until the transfer is complete.

No more complaining…


Seriously ladies – we have no right to complain about nursing ever again. You think you’re tired? These babies not only have really sharp teeth, but claws as well. Nope – no complaining here.My years of nursing were just fine! […]

Tasty Tuesday – a Bedlam Moment and Confession


The meal started off so perfectly.There was nothing that whispered “it’s grilling time” more than this warm North Carolina spring evening.Grilled to perfection, the short dated steak kabobs my meat manager marked down for me graced our memorable meal time. […]

Please read – update on baby chicks


As an update to my previous post, please remind me not to write a blog post at midnight on a jam packed day. 🙂I tend to forget that I have new followers who don’t know “my blog history” or the […]

Baby chicks in the house…


It’s about this time of the year when our children decide there’s not enough life around this house, and most certainly, our daily routine could use just a bit more. Yes, those baby chicks just look so sweet and innocent…And […]

Calgon take me away!


I have always wondered about the moms who have time to take a luxurious Calgon bath.I want it, I crave it,but truly, it doesn’t need to be Calgon….a huge vat of this chocolate would be just fine.I don’t care about […]

Seriously, Do I have to Exercise?


I interrupt this meal planning post to tell you I can barely lift my arms to type because I have been exposed to this kind of torture for two weeks now. I am seriously trying to figure out how blogging […]

Real time…Right now!


In honor of savoring every moment, I have a dilemma I would like to share with you… quickly, I might add,since I have twenty women coming to my home in just a few hours. This is the annual Christmas party […]

A long night….


Mocha missed you!We arrived safe and sound in Orlando with only “minimal” moments of bedlam, but completely devoid of any beauty. Apparently Bugles, Doritoes and large doses of Vault, mixed with cramped quarters and gaseous air, do not equate to […]

Multi tasking Mama


This past week morphed into a plethora of multi-tasking. Are you there with me? Can you relate? There were many moments that I was not sure how I would come up for air, and then a few moments where I […]

Sharing the bedroom bedlam in my “haven”


Since  I passionately pursue creating a “haven of hospitality,” I thought I would share one aspect where I am consistently struggle. You remember one of my last guests, don’t you? Yes, only at my haven would I have that happen. […]

Banner Bedlam


So here’s my 30 second question and statement for the day (but knowing me, it may be longer).Amy, from Living Locurto, made me this adorable little banner thing…for free.I got a heads up from the Nester that she might be […]

Homestead Hospitality…only at my ‘haven’


I sincerely believe in the spirit of a “Welcome Home” mentality.I want every single one of you to feel as if you could “make yourself at home” on our home stead, and come away refreshed and renewed from your stay.I […]

Would you believe?


*living in the country has its disadvantages – my internet has been down for over 24 hours. UGH! I wanted to add a comment about the picture of my son in the last post. That picture has not been edited […]



Blog around the world is coming to NC tomorrow,and I have no time to get my good ‘ole Southern hospitality in order. I just walked in the door, and am running out again for football.AHHHH……Do you have a certain day […]