November 22, 2017

Frugal Fashionista: Bohemian Style Fashion


For years, the fashion trend called “Bohemian, Boho or Boho Chic’ has ranged with style, attitude and appearance. Inspired early on by the more laid back fashion approach of the 60’s, it’s evolved into basically becoming a statement for more artsy people to express themselves through fashion with a free spirit, individualistic approach in both style and mindset.

Loose, free flowing pieces, with a definite emphasis on freedom of motion is a major element, so it can range from maxi dresses, loose pleasant blouses, “gypsy” skirts, kimono style dresses or even long strapless, free flowing pieces. There’s typically a flair toward ethnic colors and patterns, but romantic lace and flower patterns can be added as well. Shoes and hair accessories really make the look.

Magazines and celebrities everywhere are sporting the Bohemian look. I love a laid back look and have found lots of inspiration in it, but

even though this style above may be trending on the run way, I wouldn’t attempt to pull that off.  I’ve looked for inspiration that gives hints of a Bohemian attempt without screaming, “Look at me, I am trying to dress like a teenager.”

I would wear any of the above looks, but when I first saw the dress below hanging at Goodwill, I was very tentative. It’s definitely not the most flattering piece on me, but our 9 year old daughter was with me in the dressing room and typically she says, “No way, mom.,” but this time she begged me to buy it. Yes, she is my little fashionista and obviously she knew what was trending a bit more than I did.

I wore this to our church which is filled with girls ready to give me their fashion opinion. Without asking, I had no less than 10 teen and college age girls tell me, “Mrs. S, that dress is so cute.”

So I guess my $3.75 gamble lined up with what’s trendy right now, and it definitely paid off. It’s much cuter in real life than in my attempted picture.

This dress has a lot of unique features like the details around the arms and neckline.

I already had the earrings and the bracelets ( I actually had a few more bangles on than the one pictured, but I had taken them off before the picture and forgotten about them.)

I chose to let the details on the neckline be the showcase and not wear a necklace, but this one would have been really cute with the outfit.

I was hot, tired, and just wanted my son to take a quick picture. He thinks he is really funny though, and puts it on sports mode, which takes 3 pictures a second. I had ten pics of my yelling pleading with him to just take the picture (as he chuckled the whole time.)

Embracing a little big of your bohemian side could be fun. It dared me to dress differently and think outside the box for pennies on the dollar, which is one of my favorite parts of being a frugal fashionista. Since I purchased this dress, I’ve bought two more Bohemian inspired pieces, so I may just be onto something new.

Although, as I just went to link to my Dare to be Different by dressing Thrift post, which was one of my first frugal Fashionista posts, I saw this dress. I think I definitely dressed a bit Bohemian here as well, but just didn’t know what to call it. I still love that dress, although the extra ten pounds I’ve put on makes it just a bit more snug than this perfect fit. 🙂

 Do you ever dress a bit on the ethnic inspired side? What if I double dog dared you?


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  1. Jen,

    That dress looks so cute on you! I would like to find the same exact one for myself, so yes you could “dare me”. (LOL)


  2. I do dress rather bohemian & ethnic styled sometimes. I was born in 61 so I was a young hippie in the olden days and I still tend to gravitate to the style. I cant wear all of it these days, but what I do, I do with relish.

    I was also born on the US/Mexico border so panchos, serapes, peasant blouses, gypsy skirts, riding boots, dessert boots & moccasins are favorites of mine.

    Today, Im wearing a pretty ethnically inspired maxi dress… Its got large yellow orange flowers on a background of reddish brown with leaves of cream, gray/green & hot pink.. Yes.. quite. 🙂


  3. I love to dress “ethnicly” occasionally 🙂 My dad went on a mission trip to Tanzania 2 years ago and brought me back a wrap skirt. I love it and get so many compliments on it! I also have an outfit from India (not sure what the proper name is). We had some missionaries from India visit and they gave it to me.


  4. PS. You look adorable!!!


  5. You look fantastic. Love the paparazzi-style shots!


  6. Sorry, but that just is not flattering on you, much too short.


  7. you look adorable! great style and a nice way to change things up!


  8. I think it looks good, you have great legs! Love those shoes!


  9. Hey , Good to know that someone else isn’t afraid to be diffrent . I like the style because it is very comfortable. Also I most of it make myself with patterens. I joke as well and call my self a brokestanista . Well someones got to take the fad and not let go under. The style fits my personality as well as my heritage . Happy shopping and Rock on with style . Keep the look 🙂


  10. Kids are great to take shopping and to get opinions from. They do not have the same hangups that adults do. I let me 3 year old dress herself and the outfits she comes up with are absolutely adorable. I think, “I wish I had her fashion sense” hahaha. They go with what they like and they do not stop to think what others will think. We can all take something from that 🙂


  11. You look great, it such a cute outfit!! LOOOOOOVE your style. You’re made to wear skirts and dresses, each i have seen fits you perfectly 🙂 Please do more outfit/thrifting fashion videos… Thank you so much for all your ideas!


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