October 20, 2017

$1.50 of Pure Turquoise Happiness


This winter, I really took a step back from my typical thrifting. (Something to do with jam packed storage, and no space for more treasures until I de-clutter some more.)

Yet when I wandering into a tiny, unpretentious thrift store last week, one whose door welcomed “Take an additional 50% off,” I knew it was time to break my self induced spending freeze. This precious antique-ish, turquoise glass bottle beckoned me to take her home, and shower her with my undying love.

So, I gladly did, for just $1.50. Somewhere in this heart of mine, I love to know that a such a small little purchase can bring so much joy. My husband calls me “low maintenance,” but I just think it’s being wide eyed, and full of gratitude for the little things.

I’ve mentioned before that I am slowly collecting vintage, blue, glass jars, yet a $0.25 chipped blue glass brings me just as much joy when it’s a stark reminder of myself.

So, as yard sale season kicks off, I’m on the continued hunt for blue glass ware.

I don’t know. It just makes me happy. Is it weird that a glass bottle makes me happy? Is it weirder that I had just as much fun trying to find the perfect spot for it on top of my $5 white yard sale hutch, next to the $1 yard sale vintage pitcher and white flowers?

Easy amusement, I tell you…you must try it.

And if you need some more incentive in finding and using glassware, check out the entire post and vlog I did (live from Goodwill)…just on decorating with glassware 🙂


  1. Ooo – that is just a lovely color blue and such a happy design! Like you, I’d just have to take it home. I understand completely how you feel. I grew up with the best of everything. In high school, a friend took me to a flea market. I never imagined such a thing existed, but I was hooked! Ever since, no matter how much money I’ve had in my pocket, I always try to find what I need at a thrift store, yard sale, or flea market. I just love the hunt. And the pleasure is just as much as if I’d paid a lot of money for it. I totally “get” you and love you and your wonderful blog.



  2. I love your new piece of glass! It’s beautiful in its simplicity. I love finding beauty in simple, small, every day kind of things. Thanks for all you share!


  3. I definetly understand your love for a beautiful glass bottle. I started collecting purple glass bottles a few years back and just looking at them makes me happy. Some of them hold so many questions, what came in them, who bought it, how did it survive all this time? I think that’s one of the thrills with glass bottles there are so many stories behind it that we just don’t know. I picked up a blue glass bottle a few years back that was for making root beer. The “label” is actually just raised glass on the bottle telling you what it is. It is such a cool bottle.


  4. I sooooo get it!! I must low maintenance, too. I just love a good bargain on something simple, yet beautiful. Love your blog!!!!!!


  5. I have a small collection of amber glass medicine bottles and bottles from liquid extracts. They are the perfect bud vases! One of my current vases that I use is an olive oil bottle. I love the squareness of the bottle mixed with the curves in it. My hubby thinks I’m strange, but it adds a uniqueness that you don’t get from mass-produced vases.


  6. Kristina says:

    Ha ha. My husband says “low maintenance” with the same reverence other husbands reserve for words like “hot” and “busty”. I’m right with you there, but it’s not the small thing you think. My drug of choice right now is vintage books about dogs. My most recent acquisition ($3.00) is a 50’s era CA state reading primer. It has the most adorable illustrations.

    Love the jar. I would have bought it too.


  7. AH – I can’t believe I did that…it’s what I get for typing at midnight and then hitting publish. ARG!


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