November 18, 2017

Family Discussion Starters for Thanksgiving


Engaging in meaningful conversation around the table is one of the things with which I am passionate. Yet, I understand that often the busy aspects of life just stand in the way.

Around Thanksgiving time, many families spent the time around the TV watching all their football games. We do a bit of that, but we also slow down and have a blast talking.

Don’t let this Thanksgiving get by with out learning a bit more about your Family Story. See what we did last year in “Do you know your family’s story.” Find out how we intentionally used our family time to make a generational difference.

Gratitude and Thanksgiving Traditions and Activities


This month’s free download of family activities and tradition ideas focusing on both Gratitude and Thanksgiving include Conversation Starters about Gratitude, Family Fun Night Turkey Placemats, the Leaves of Thanks tradition of the month, creating a Family Legacy of Gratitude and the Gift of Gratitude card. Download and print these activities for a special time with family.

Donut Birthday Cake


Welcome! Come join us as we find beauty amidst the bedlam of everyday life. Inspiration and encouragement for meal time, finances, home life, DIY and more. If you’re new, you may like to subscribe for free updates. Subscribe via email […]

Receive free products in your mailbox


Over the last few months, I have been pleasantly surprised by free samples that I received in my mailbox. I had registered and then forgotten about them. Vocal points will send samples,freebies and high value coupons. Just complete the registration and receive exclusive Proctor and Gamble coupons, samples, newsletters and discounts.

Inspiration for holiday festivities?


Knowing that many booths around me were calling my name, I finally snuck away for a few minutes and captured some inspiration to get me into the holiday mood. Yes, there were plenty of ways to be inspired for the holiday festivities, and this was from only 1/10 of the aisles.The weekend leading up to my trip to Ecuador, I was working furiously manning my Homemade Gourmet booth. Serving samples, sharing cooking tips for making “4 Meals in 4 Minutes” and encouraging people with unique family traditions. My weekend would not have worked with out the extra help from my family. They were troops and stepped up SO MUCH! My daughter was the main sampler maker and server. Who wouldn’t buy from someone who shared, ” I made those just for you this morning.” 🙂

Preparing for a large crowd of guests


What do you do when your son “reminds” you that there are 100 guests invited to his Sweet 16 party in three days (which is today)?

1. Don’t panic.

Easy Thanksgiving Table Decor


I am scrambling to highlight our Thanksgiving table with some quick, easy and frugal decor.

Our first step to easy Thanksgiving table decor is to “shop our house and yard.” As much as I desire a Better Homes and Garden look, a simple approach to decorating assures all of us that we don’t have to be designers to create a welcoming home. We can add much more glamor than what I am showing, butmy desire is to encourage everyone of you that with just a few extra minutes, you can set a beautiful table.

Free Thanksgiving Recipe E-book


Quality Health is offering a free Thanksgiving Recipe book with wonderful photos and directions. I just previewed the downloadbefore offering it to you and it’s worth the few minutes it takes to receive it.

Finding Thankfulness Through a Thrift Store?


…The melting pot mentality of America is embodied in a thrift store. One can look around the parking lot and observe vehicles ranging from BMW’s to Beretta’s, shelves stocked with both jewels and junk, while purchasers carrying either Amex Gold […]

A Sunday Moment


Few receive the calling to adopt, but what can you share in the mandate to look after orphans and widows?James 1:27
Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress…