April 27, 2017

Sunday Coupon Preview


Welcome! Come join us as we find beauty amidst the bedlam of everyday life. Inspiration and encouragement for meal time, finances, home life, DIY and more. If you’re new, you may like to subscribe for free updates. Subscribe via email […]

Grocery Guru shopping – 3 Moms update


Disclaimer: Only tried and true meat eaters will want to see these pictures. It’s a Carnivore’s Delight. As I slowly share my grocery guru mentality, it’s been a joy to interact with many of you about your new found “Grocery […]

DIY – Creating Beautiful Easter Baskets: Easter Basket Ideas


DIY Easter Basket Ideas, Easter Basket Craft and Easter Basket Gifts Many of us have an abundance of baskets stashed in the depths of our closets;  holding onto them for that perfect use. Well, let’s pull them out, avoid the […]

Harris Teeter Triples – March 24 – March 30


TRIPLE COUPONS ARE BACK!! I’ve had this list sitting in my draft files and I apologize I didn’t get it up earlier. Triple manufacturers coupons up to $0.99 face value Limit 20 per household per day I have been waiting […]

(in)courage – Take Hope to Heart


Raising teens is not for the faint of heart, but I wouldn’t trade these precious day to day, in your face, “I love you anyhow” moments for anything. I’m reminiscing over at (in)courage today about how my son showed love […]

Home Depot Ideas and Discounts


Last year, I signed up for the Home Depot newsletter and have been receiving quarterly coupon books and ideas ever since. I love buying the OOPS paint for projects (paints that were mixed for someone else, but didn’t quite fit […]

Creating Community during Tasty Tuesday


Last weeks Tasty Tuesday experiment was a huge success!! From many of you, I heard from that you received comments and visitors that do not normally occur, so thank you for taking my request to heart and sharing the visit […]

Designer Sunglasses for ONE Dollar


The ONE DAY Sun glass deal is back… but they are selling out quickly since companies are now snagging this deal. (I shared this immediately, but I know that many of you that read my posts by email and will […]

Meal Plan Update and…


Working as a waitress for seven years during high school and college, I perfected one of my restaurant’s specialties – the Breakfast Skillet. It’s a favorite breakfast, lunch and dinner meal in our home, and so economic. Purposely, whenever I […]

Simply Frugal Mantel Decorations


Our mantel is the focal  point in our home. For me, that is not by choice, but it is what it is. When we first moved in, I really struggled with what looked “just right.” Often, we get so overwhelmed […]