November 17, 2017

Best Popcorn Ever!! (Healthy Snacks)


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Encouraging…the Little Things


It’s been one of those “hard to be a mom” days.

Yes, I’ll just admit it.

I was sorely disappointed in some of my childrens’ choices, and so in like manor, my reaction equaled the quality of their poor decisions.

Plain and simple, I reacted in frustration, rather than responding with wisdom.

I’ve shared how “I want to be a YES mom,” but sometimes, it is quite the challenge. One of the ways I am spending January is by encouraging my children in the little things. Sometimes the pursuit of the big thing is the focus, my goal is for them us to pursue excellence of character in the little things.

Remembering the Little Things

Grocery Guru’s #1 Money Saving Tip


As I speak to women about saving money, research latest trends, and listen to all the feedback you wonderful ladies give in the comments (hint, hint), I don’t have to be a rocket scientist to state that meal planning and grocery shopping are two areas with which most women struggle.

But guess what, those areas are the easiest and most effective way to see immediate results in lowering your monthly budget.

Now take a deep breath. I am not going to recommend taking on an outlandish challenge like spending $100/month on groceries or just $25 last week. 🙂 What crazy mom does that, but I am going to share my #1 Grocery Guru Money Saving Tip which doesn’t require clipping even one coupon.

Kraft and Special K deals, Harris Teeter Super Doubles


I am always thrilled to stock up on cheese in our home. Being from the “cheese state” originally, we can never get enough. Many stores nation wide are offering special Kraft incentives through Sunday, January 24. Better yet, as I […]

Groceries for $25/week


My Meal Plan Monday includes our first week of the Pantry Challenge where I went $1 over budget..gasp.

Even though the Pantry Challenge officially started January 1st, I am already one week into it. After I posted our family’s outlandish intentions to only spend $100 on groceries for our family of seven, I honestly decided to just begin…that day.

Why go shopping one last time and stock up? The goal is to use up what’s in my freezer, pantry and fridge, thus saving money, being creative and appreciating the abundance that is there (even when kids claim…”there’s nothing to eat.”)

Balancing Blogging Goals


My life as a blogger has been incredibly surreal.

Reading my first blogs ever in the summer of 2008, I realized that there was this whole virtual “world” about which I had no idea. I couldn’t believe what I had been missing. Any topic I was passionate about connected me with some other amazing woman that was sharing her ideas on the matter.

I was hooked on reading…I am a voracious reader, but writing a blog? That didn’t interest me…for about two weeks. Had it been any other time of the year, I would have bypassed this new virtual world due to my over extended schedule, but it was SUMMER time.

Rebelling…against New Year’s Resolutions


Stowed away in the attic for decades, dust floats from the diary that I kept from ages 14-18. Paging through memories of old, I’m instantly transported.

Transported to pivotal successes that were so quickly forgotten, while years of insecurity surface in a heartbeat.

The diary leers, ” I need to lose weight and stop snacking. I need to get more organized for class. I need to talk softer (the whole gentle and quiet spirit thing).”

That list was the bane of my existence for years.

Teaching Our Children to Apologize


Cultivating a heart of forgiveness in our children begins with the modeling that occurs in the home. Growing up in an environment where I often heard “I’m sorry” from my parents allowed me to begin understanding the true nature of an apology. Many of my friends have shared that they never received a true apology from their parents, and therefore have continued to struggle with giving apologies as an adult.

Beginning to teach the importance of apologies, and model for our children how to apologize is something that can’t begin early enough. My personal mothering is constantly in process…

Recipe Ideas for Tasty Tuesday


Yesterday I shared my goals and desire for the month to “Save Money on Groceries by Eating from my Pantry.”

The first goal I stated was to only spend $200 on groceries for our family of seven. When I mentioned the challenge with my husband, he was all over it but emphatically said, “$200, seriously? That’s not even a challenge. Let’s go for $100.” GULP!

So here it is, ladies. Let’s see if our family can do this. It sure will mean some great recipes from you all every Tuesday. I am going to be digging deep into the archives and being diligent with my meal planning – something I have definitely let fall off the wagon.

Save Money on Groceries by Eating from your Pantry


Life was hectic when we arrived home from our time in Florida.

I hadn’t gone grocery shopping and had no desire to prioritize it. We had frozen milk, meat and veggies all waiting in the freezer, so I went a complete week without grocery shopping after having been gone for ten days. I seriously didn’t think it could be done, but it was, and our monthly grocery bill was nearly non existent.

Now, I have been challenged to an “Eat from your Pantry” month with my good blogging friends. The encouragement it to attempt to avoid grocery shopping as much as possible, eat out of the pantry, freezer and fridge and get creative when my children say, “Mom, there’s nothing to eat.”