May 30, 2014

Five “must do’s” when browsing for clothes in a thrift store

Dressy black shirt

Browsing clothing racks in a thrift store can be time consuming, overwhelming and frustrating, or it can be invigorating, exciting and encouraging.
It’s all in how you approach “the hunt.”
Having a chunk of time to scour the racks all by yourself is a slice of heaven, but if you don’t have time luxury or you are a newbie to the thrift store hunt, here are five things I suggest to make your minutes more meaningful.

Deals and Steals


Free fries at Burger King, cheap address labels, Free frosty at wendy’s

Unveiling the masks


When you look in the mirror, do you don a mask of perfection and performance? Or maybe you hide behind a mask for fear of reaction? Lies whisper shame and accusation, “You’ll never measure up – if only they knew!”

And then we listen…we listen and embrace lies!

Do you need someone to tell you how special you are, to affirm the role you are doing in your family, marriage, workforce, or ministry?

I may not know your circumstances, nor understand your background personally, but I do know ONE thing…you were uniquely created by God for an amazing purpose.

95% of teen girls believe the lie that they “must perform to be loved and accepted.” Did you read that correctly? 95%!! And the statistic for adult women is not much less.

Precious Ladies, our worth is not based on what others think of us, or what we do. Our value is determined by how God views us and He loves us more than we can ever fathom…warts and all. :)

Chocolate Peanut Butter Rice Krispie Treats


I sure did know how to whip up Rice Krispie Treats in a microwave.

Many years later, it’s still one of my very favorite treats (especially with peanut butter and chocolate). I’m passing on the tradition by showing my children how to whip up these delicacies in minutes by using our microwave and cereal coupons, of course.

Kid’s Stuf Creativity


Years of my life have included some sort of acting/drama ministry, which you probably didn’t know. During the past three years, my husband and I have been involved in a multi-generational family worship experience called “Kids Stuf.”

For two years, we did a full length 50 minute production every week, but for the last year, that commitment is now only once a month. Whew!

Frugal Fashionista Fashion Show

core wardrobe white blouse

If you’re not familiar with my ongoing Frugal Fashionista series, it’s my attempt to encourage women that you can dress fabulously, express a creative side that you never thought imaginable, and do it all on a “yard sale” budget.

Yes, I have heard all the hesitations about dressing thrift, but I can guarantee that with an eagle eye and some patience, everyone of you can create a small designer wardrobe of core wardrobe pieces for $100. For those of you with petite to plus sizes, it requires a bit more work, but just this week alone I found the cutest size 0 Anne Taylor dress (in their store just last year), and the sassiest size 22 pair of jeans…hip as can be, along with a fabulous size 20 black dress and three plus size skirts.

Painting Wood Furniture Black


How easy is it to paint wood furniture? Why not be daring by painting furniture black, and better yet get it done for only $20.

Tasty Tuesday – peaceful mealtime setting


Do you remember the Tasty Tuesday challenge I gave about creating ambiance at meal time? Candlelight is one of my favorite and easy ways to create ambiance, but often it’s just about changing locations or “finding your spontaneous place.” Last […]

Spectacular Scarves – frugal accessories


Just like we get in a meal planning rut, the same things happen with our fashion. We wear the same look over and over.

How do we end that cycle, use what we have, and yet look like a million bucks?


Immediately, most think of jewelry when I mention accessories, but today I am going to showcase the simplicity, sophistication and sass of the scarf.

Whether your outfit was $10 or $1,000, scarves are a “must have” fashion accessory for the fall.

Hanging Wreaths over Mirrors?

Hanging a Christmas wreath over a mirror adds such great impact

Decorating with mirrors is a tool that every designer who ‘decorates on a dime’ implements.

There is something special about a mirrored reflection as the sun catches or candlelight glistens. That kind of illumination in a room sets a tone.

A simple mirror creates the optical illusion where even the smallest of rooms feel larger.

But have you ever thought of accessorizing the mirror itself? Probably not.

Showcasing a wreath over a mirror is one of my favorite things (but that is where I have stopped).