November 24, 2017

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12 Free Thanksgiving Printables


Four color choices of this free grateful heart print here. Can you even believe that it’s November already? STOP THE CLOCK already!! Our Thanksgiving festivities spread throughout the entire month, so I am never quite ready for the short turn around between […]

Gratitude Rolls: Special Thanksgiving Tradition


Grateful Rolls – This simple tradition is a fun way for your family to express what they are grateful for during your Thanksgiving dinner. As guests arrive have each person write a few things that they are grateful for on small sheets of paper. We always make our special “butter horn” rolls each Thanksgiving,

Gratitude Leaves: Thanksgiving Tradition (Free Printable)


The Leaves of Thanks – There are some traditions that are timeless, and the Leaves of Gratitude is one of these kinds of traditions. We can never show enough gratitude toward each other, and the purpose of this simple tradition is to add to the splendor of the Thanksgiving meal.

Shopping on Thanksgiving…


*Edited to add: If you plan to comment, please read the entire post in its entirety and not comment based on the title. It’s obvious many aren’t reading and purely spewing. Offensive language will be deleted. I rarely shop. I cut coupons and […]

Our Favorite Thanksgiving Weekend Eats (Tasty Tuesday)


Yesterday was a challenge. To jump from a third world cultural experience to  immediately transition right into my “mom” role is a bit surreal. I find I’m having to compartmentalize my emotions with things such as planning our Thanksgiving menu. […]

Thanksgiving “No Need to Bake” Cookie & Treat Ideas


It’s that time of year when our ovens typically go on over drive, and we find ourselves baking around the clock. Why not take a break from baking, gather the kids,  and create some adorable Thanksgiving cookies and treats? Every […]

Thanksgiving Turkey Cake (Fun for Kids)


As adults, we all covet our Thanksgiving Day Pumpkin Pie and Dutch Apple Pie, but do the children enjoy those traditional choices as much as we do? I know when our children were young, they would always pass on the […]

Thanksgiving Dinner Menu Ideas


Thanksgiving is fast approaching, and quite possibly your Thanksgiving Dinner menu plan is scribbled on the back of a coupon stuffed in the side pocket of your purse. It’s not? Well, you are a much better woman than I am. […]

Easy, One Minute Thanksgiving Decorations


It’s that time of the year when we want our homes to be cozy, to exude warmth for the soul, and yet we fret about making our home decorations perfect. As my sweet daughters and I strolled up our drive, […]

Thanksgiving Ideas, Traditions, Decor and More


Some how life blurred between October and November, and the many blog post drafts with wonderful Thanksgiving ideas and traditions never were completed. So here is a round up of some of last year’s Thanksgiving ideas, meal inspirations, and just […]

Free Mr. Food’s Thanksgiving Cookbook


You all know how much I love cookbooks, and even better if they are free online cookbooks. I have shared that my very first wedding shower gift was “Mr. Food Cooks like Mama.” I use that cookbook still, and so […]

What’s Your Thanksgiving Menu?


As I shared my Easy Pumpkin Bar Recipe yesterday, decades of memories eating them came flooding back. It’s amazing to me how a special recipe will do that, isn’t it? Not so much that the food is award winning, but […]

Family Discussion Starters for Thanksgiving


Engaging in meaningful conversation around the table is one of the things with which I am passionate. Yet, I understand that often the busy aspects of life just stand in the way.

Around Thanksgiving time, many families spent the time around the TV watching all their football games. We do a bit of that, but we also slow down and have a blast talking.

Don’t let this Thanksgiving get by with out learning a bit more about your Family Story. See what we did last year in “Do you know your family’s story.” Find out how we intentionally used our family time to make a generational difference.

Gratitude and Thanksgiving Traditions and Activities


This month’s free download of family activities and tradition ideas focusing on both Gratitude and Thanksgiving include Conversation Starters about Gratitude, Family Fun Night Turkey Placemats, the Leaves of Thanks tradition of the month, creating a Family Legacy of Gratitude and the Gift of Gratitude card. Download and print these activities for a special time with family.

Easy Thanksgiving Table Decor


I am scrambling to highlight our Thanksgiving table with some quick, easy and frugal decor.

Our first step to easy Thanksgiving table decor is to “shop our house and yard.” As much as I desire a Better Homes and Garden look, a simple approach to decorating assures all of us that we don’t have to be designers to create a welcoming home. We can add much more glamor than what I am showing, butmy desire is to encourage everyone of you that with just a few extra minutes, you can set a beautiful table.