October 22, 2017

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Breakfast Ideas – No Food Waste Week


No Food Waste Week was a huge success in our home, minus the fact that I haven’t updated a post with all my suggestions and your wonderful ideas, but don’t worry, I am still writing it. I went the entire […]

No Food Waste Week


We’ve all done it. We clean out our pantry, and find boxes, bags and cans of food that are well past their expiration date, so we throw them out immediately. The wilting produce in the fruit bowl? It’s just easier […]

Saving Money on Vacation (on food)


Since I just returned from the beach, I thought I would share some of my past tried and true tips about saving money on food while vacationing. Believe it or not, one new trick I did this year was to bring a […]

What Are Your Monthly Food Costs? Chime in.


This past month has been a whirlwind of emotion. Our two eldest sons have now officially left the nest. Our eldest has a summer internship and our second son has started college football/summer school. Yes, two children in college is […]

They’re Never Too Big: Don’t Take “No” for an Answer


I close my eyes and remember my three little stair step boys packed like sardines. Yes, three boys, one bed, packed together by choice.  They have their own bunk beds, but it was one of those nights when they felt […]

Stockpiling Food and Being Prepared: When is Enough Enough?


Last week, I received an email from a reader with the title, “Enough is Enough.” Here’s an excerpt, “So, I have been couponing and living the frugal lifestyle for over a year now…but am getting sick of how much stockpile […]

The No Spend, Clear Out & Eat from my Garden Pantry Challenge


Our Fourth of July parties are completed, and I am diving into our Summertime Pantry Challenge, where my goal is to eat from our fridge, freezer and pantry for the month, and share some additional ways to save money on […]

Sick of Eggs? Frugal & Unique Ideas for the Perfect Food


I have been an official “chicken farmer” for over ten years now. The problem? Three of our five children have declared “No More Eggs,” and I have had to get creative with my ideas for this most perfect food. Imagine […]

Budgeting for Food


For most people, the quickest way to see a tangible difference in their pocket book is by examining personal food expenditures, and attacking that aspect immediately. Why food? Because unlike other fixed income expenses that are consistent every month, such […]

Enjoy and Organize Your Spices (Free Printable)


Do you remember my post about Brownies + Needing Chocolate = Chaos? It was from a few years ago, but it’s a perfect tie into our  Clutter Countdown Challenge. I know all of you foodie loving readers can understand the […]

My Steps Towards Cutting the Fridge Mess Clutter


Our family has fridge issues. On any given day, this is what our refrigerator looks like. I know, I know. It’s embarrassing, and all you organizational gurus are running for cover, but I am showing that my life and fridge […]

Cheesey Cheddar Ranch Chicken


In my world, I can never create enough recipes that use chicken, and when I make dishes the kids all declare as winners, they don’t mind chicken often. From the first time I made this, it definitely received high ratings, […]

My #1 Piece of Advice for Newbies – Share Yours: Tasty Tuesday


This month we’ve been dissecting all areas of savings and our budget, but for Tasty Tuesday’s, we’ve specifically been looking at our food budgets. We started with an honest discussion talking about our Monthly Food Costs. Last week, I shared […]

Brownie Recipe + Necessary Chocolate = Chaos


It started as a delicious thought; Mother-Daughter baking and bonding time. What better goal for a school morning that to conquer the perfect homemade chocolate brownie recipe. But alas, the recipe called for a chocolate baking bar. Hmm….it had been […]

Rising Produce Prices? What’s Your Plan?


Incorporating whole foods and produce into our daily diet is continually getting more expensive as gas prices rise, weather disasters occur, and a general downfall in the economy continues. Is this rise in produce prices affecting your meal plan? Are […]