October 22, 2017

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Freezer Cooking/Bulk Baking Day Plans


The last few weeks, I have fallen in a rut. The kind of rut where there is so much to do before our home schooling years begins, that I can’t get into the attitude of just Doing the Next Thing […]

50 Fabulous Uses for Baking Soda


A few years ago I shared my post, “For the love of Baking Soda.” It was my salute to this all natural, penny pinching, miracle product that is one of the staples I use most often in my home, and I […]

12 Quick Bread Recipes from 1 Homemade Baking Mix


A few months ago I finally shared my Homemade Baking Mix Recipe, aka Homemade Bisquick that doesn’t use any shortening. It’s been fun to hear from how so many of you have used my mix to make your baking needs […]

Triple Berry Quick Bread (using homemade baking mix)


Raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, strawberries, yes, I love them all. We are definitely a very berry kind of family and since our daughters make daily smoothies, we stock bulk quantities of frozen fruit in that freezer of ours. So as I […]

Easy Homemade Bisquick (Baking Mix)


There’s a reason that Bisquick has been one of America’s favorite convenience products since 1930. It allows us to not only whip up fresh biscuits in minutes, but pizza crust, coffee cakes, pancakes, waffles and my fall favorite –  Homemade […]

For the Love of Baking Soda


If there’s one staple in our home that I am never, ever, without, it’s Baking Soda. Since most of you tuning in today for Tasty Tuesday certainly have a fondness for Baking Soda in all things sweets, treats and baked […]

Menu Plan Monday


My menu plan has been sorely lacking lately. I have been focusing on playing around with various versions of Ten Minute Dinners, using the ground beef that I cooked in bulk, as well as creating recipes from my Crock Pot […]

The Beginning of Ten Minute Dinners (Tasty Tuesday)


This past week, I’ve been having fun brainstorming my new Ten Minute Dinner Facebook page to preface the newly organized page on my site. I’ve realized at this stage in my life, more often than not, ten minute dinners are […]

The Food Rainbow & What To Do About It (Tasty Tuesday)


When I hum, “Somewhere over the rainbow,”  the 15 million pounds of synthetic dyes in our foods definitely does not come to mind. That’s why this recent article in my local newspaper caught my eye, and I took a look […]

Everyday Waffles


Our family loves waffles, and the kids want me to buy them all the time. Yet, with the increase in waffle prices, this is something that’s been crossed off my shopping list. The price point is just too high. This […]

Saturday Shout Outs


One of the blessings of this whole world of blogging has been meeting some really amazing women. I thought I would highlight some old and new friends today, and share some of their posts. My sweet friend, Amy, is getting […]

Freezer Cooking Day – 3 Moms finale


As I come to the close of our 3 Moms, 3 Kitchens, 31 Days experiment of documenting and sharing our cooking adventure along the month of March, I have learned many things. First, if I actually have any intent of […]

3 Moms, 3 Kitchens, 31 Days


Welcome to the Kick off of 3 Moms, 3 Kitchens, 31 Days. My sweet friends, Toni from the Happy Housewife, Kate from Cooking During Stolen Moments, and I are about to embark on a month long journey of opening our […]

Once a Month Cooking…in a day (and recipe request)


We have been snowed in for the last two days and it has been a slice of heaven. (Almost as amazing as the multiple slices of Homemade Cinnabons I ate while doing my bulk baking.) The rat race of life […]

Bulk Cooking Day


Even though the Pantry Challenge was a huge success, I failed miserably by the end of the month in having meals, snacks and creative cooking ideas ready and implemented. Even with adding on the Super Doubles week, where I shopped […]