November 20, 2017

5 Minute Cinnamon Roll Christmas Tree


You will thank me later, if only in your mind.

When your family raves about your unique creativity and you humbly shrug and respond, “Oh, it was nothing,” you will think of me.

When you give them a little wave of the hand after that compliment that symbolizes, “Truly, it was something special,” you will think of me.

And I will think of you, and together we will grin and chuckle silently because we both know just how long we slaved to bring that extra something special to those we love. 🙂

And then I will wonder if your son dove into the finished batch and polished off the picture perfect Cinnamon Roll Christmas Tree that never had time to get green frosting on  in a split second fast and wonder if they were as grateful as mine.

And I’ll also wonder why magazines don’t ever show the real picture of life behind the recipes, complete with high school son and Daniel Boone hat.

Then I’ll think about the fact that our eldest son, home from college for just a brief few days, never knew the delight of this 5 Minute Cinnamon Roll Christmas Tree recipe because he slept until 2:00 and as hard as I tried to hide them, they were found.

So while this “recipe” only took five minute to whip up because the two packages of store bought rolls were the perfect solution to a busy morning, I will give a bit more love to our son for the next batch and use my Homemade Overnight Refrigerator Rise Cinnamon Roll recipe because it’s simply the easiest homemade cinnamon roll recipe out there.

And then on Christmas Morning, I will make them again, but with my Copy Cat Cinnabon recipe and Easy Cream Cheese frosting. They are the best homemade cinnamon rolls out there (based on the 100′s of people that have tried it and let me know), but they take a lot of time.

So here’s to being a hero in our home in only five minutes. Think of me and I’ll think of you. 🙂


  1. Rebecca Black says:

    Not sure if I just read to fast… but I don’t see the 5 minute cinnamon rolls (besides the picture.) Is there a recipe or directions that I am just missing?



    Jen Reply:

    Sorry – yes, I wrote in there that those are done in five minutes because I used store bought cinnamon rolls. 😉 The next fastest and easiest homemade cinnamon roll recipe would be my over night rise one. /It doesn’t take quite five minutes to whip up but very close.


    Kristi Reply:

    Ok, so there’s not really a “recipe” here…just get the store-bought rolls and arrange them like the tree. In this photo did you just use the regular-size rolls, and I guess it looks like two packages? And I was thinking it and then you mentioned it – I guess do you normally make the icing green for the tree?


    Jen Reply:

    Yes, the only recipe is for my other two cinnabon roll recipes. This one uses two packages and you can really use the white frosting that comes with the store bought if you choose to and add some sprinkles for the ornaments.

  2. What size pan did you use?


  3. Ahh… when you said “store-bought rolls” I assumed you meant crescent rolls, or similar, and was still looking for the “recipe” of how you transformed them into cinnamon rolls. I had to read the comments to understand what was going on. Cute presentation, for sure 🙂


    Liz Reply:

    @Heather, Pillsbury has Cinnamon rolls you can buy, they’re next to the biscuits and crescent rolls



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