November 20, 2017

2 Ingredients: Too Good to Be True Homemade Biscuits


When you live in the south, it gets quite confusing.

There are lots of aunts and uncles around our homestead. We have “real” aunts and uncles and then there are those aunts and uncles you just stumble upon.

You know the ones who arrive in your life through some happenstance and over time, the line becomes blurred as to whether they are a blood relative or not.

That’s the case with our Uncle Bill.

He has become our daughters’ second grandfather and his impact on their life goes beyond just someone who lives out in the country near us. He is precious and dear and like family to them.

So when he gives them his special recipe for these “Angel Biscuits,” one takes note, pins it immediately or prints the recipe off.

My daughter came home with the directions scribbled on a piece of paper and I assured her she missed a few ingredients.

“Nope, mom, I didn’t. I even asked Uncle Bill if he was sure these were the only ingredients and he said, yep.”

It seriously seemed too good to be true.

But it wasn’t.

These are seriously unbelievable, both in ease and taste.

Light and fluffy, all my kids slathered butter on them and thought they were restaurant quality.  Now granted, these are different than the traditional biscuits where we add in a ton of butter, but they serve such an amazing need. (Especially in the midst of my No Spend Pantry Challenge.) These can be on your plate in less than 15 minutes, start to finish. It doesn’t get better than that. As far as presentation, you can form them all pretty like, but who has time for that. They’ll be in their tummies before they even realize what they look like.  🙂

For our family, I doubled the recipe since my guys eat six apiece, but I don’t recommend that you keep these for later. They are best hot out of the oven and since they whip up so quickly, just make more for later. I even bake them in my toaster oven when I want some right away.

P.S. This miraculous recipe revelation is right up there with my 5 Minute Artisan Bread Recipe and when I learned how easy it is to make homemade French Bread. Yes, a Hero in your own kitchen. Your family will thank me. 🙂


  1. Oooooo…I fell in love with these on the Southern Baking Retreat. So good with White Lily Flour!!


  2. Hi Jen,

    I emailed you a few weeks back. I need your advice on how to save money on eating while living in a college dorm. Eating on campus is so expensive and I have two in college.



    Jen Reply:

    You are right. It sure is. Do they have access to a local grocery store and a fridge? Can they keep sandwich meat, bread and things? I know it varies for each campus. Are they allowed to have a crock pot in their room? My guys have one of those electric hot water kettles in their room to make pasta/oatmeal for breakfast. Milk in fridge for cereal? Griddle for pancakes (just have the mix where they add water) and hot sandwiches. That could help them cut down on at least a few meals. They could have one huge meal each day in the cafeteria and take some fruit for the road.


  3. my mom learned to make biscuits from an “aunt” in rural tennessee. i guess it must be a southern tradition! must try with whipping cream!


  4. sharry hillebrand says:

    Can’t wait to try these. think I will try making it with the sour cream, love moist biscuits. Especially with butter and raspberry preserves. Thanks for sharing this.


  5. I made these and they were so soooo good! I couldn’t believe it!!! They were tender and oh so delicious. I added just a bit of sugar to make more of a scone. We had them with mock devonshire cream and jam, bacon and fresh strawberries for a simple breakfast tea! I can not wait to make them again and again and again. They will definitely be going into our family recipe book!!! Thanks so much for this recipe.


    Jen Reply:

    Grace – I am so happy to hear you enjoyed them and how fun they are making the family recipe cut. The next time you make them, snap me a picture of your fancy tea and I’ll add it to the post. You have surely elevated it to the next level. I love mock devonshire cream…it’s always delicious:)


  6. These were awesome!


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